There are only a few real needs in life, but it doesn’t feel that way for all of us. Ingrained by practice, a lifetime of behaviors will obviously render us slaves to a not always helpful lord — our own brain. There’s nothing more frustrating or unpleasant than when your subconscious takes over your emotions, assaults your self-worth, challenges your abilities, overcomes you with anxieties, or attempts to control your behaviour. Have you ever found that something forced you to “play” places that you don’t want to be, mentally or emotionally? Do you find yourself acting or doing things you do in uncharacteristic ways or doing things you don’t want to e doing? The reason is simple: your psyche has been intruded by deceptive brain messages and taken over your life. Left to its own devices, your brain will make you believe things that are not true and behave in a number of self-destructive ways, such as: overthrowing problems and worrying about issues that are beyond your control, getting trapped or distressed by irrational fear and worries, blaming and chastising yourself for events that are not your fault, engaging in unhealthy habits to avoid the daily life stresses.

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