BODY MIND SOUL: 11:11 Rules for Happy life

Do you feel like your life simply isn’t what it used to be like? As if you are just going through the motions everyday without much purpose or motivation? Doing what you are expected to do without feeling any real meaning as the driving force behind your actions?In the midst of dealing with our materialistic and worldly problems by the dozen on a daily basis, most of us have forgotten what it means to be truly happy in our lives. Nothing seems to spark joy and life goes on in an endless siren of monotony and dullness. Well, I am here to tell you that it does not- should not- be this way.With 11:11 Rules for Happy Life, rediscover the elements that make us human and make this life a gift worth living and making the most of. You will be surprised to find just how effective making a few different changes to your way of living can be to change your perspective on life and true happiness.This book is the Manuel to access your body mind and soul. When you understand this you can access everything in this universe.

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